Dangan Ronpa: Kibou Dakkan (lit. “Bullet Refutation: Retrieve Hope”) is a PC platformer for Windows. Taking place before the events of SDR2, you will play as Hinata Hajime as he goes through different maps towards his goal, to retrieve the hope that was stolen from them.

Get to see a side of the SDR2 protagonist you’ve never known before — an eager action hero! (no, not really)

Things You Should Know (before you start):

  • Collect the Hope Shards to progress to the next level.
  • Look out for monokumas – they’re out to get you and stop you from advancing to your goal. Jump on them to get them out of your way.
  • Being the hero’s a tough job, but don’t worry, you can count on friends to help you out – sometimes!
  • And one final thing, no matter how tough things get and whatever unexpected things happen (even death), don’t despair!

Start your adventure now!

Download DRKD v1.1 (79.4 MB)

Things to note:

  1. Spoilers for events up to SDR2, including Island Mode.
  2. We haven’t watched the DR3 anime yet, so do excuse any discrepancies (and don’t tell us about it).
  3. We didn’t play the English version, so we’re not familiar with the localisation, and you’ll find terms like “Hinata-kun” being used.
  4. This is a fan-game that has been made purely for the DR fandom to enjoy and is free to download.
  5. Do share our fan-game by linking back to this page! (Please don’t redistribute it in any other way though.)
  6. No profit has been made in any way via this fan-game and it is also absolutely not to be distributed for monetary profit in any form.

Minimum Requirements:

  • PC with Windows XP
  • 512MB RAM

This is a simple platformer game playable in exe format (no installation needed).


  • v.1.1: Fixed a bug where the wrong sprite was displayed (thanks sodnam!)

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We hope you’ll have fun and would love to hear any feedback!

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